H22 "PLM" Top Mount

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We had a customer who was tired of their PLM manifold breaking so they reached out to us to see if we would recreate the PLM manifold without all the "PLMness".  This manifold locates the turbo and wastegate in the same position as the PLM so if you have a PLM you are tired of, this will keep the turbo in the same place.  There may be a slight variance in the wastegate but depending on how yours wastegate was built, it should still work regardless.  Alternator relocation is required.  We recommend the WickFab kit.

This manifold is constructed using Laser cut 1018 steel head flanges, 321 stainless steel runners and 1018 steel turbine inlet flanges (for T3 and T4 applications).  Backpurged and welded to aerospace quality.  This can be setup for V-band inlet as well.