850Fab Pricing and Structure

          All custom work is $100 per hour by the hour + materials, shop supplies and tax (where applicable) with a 1/2 hour shop minimum regardless of task.  For shop supplies, I charge 3.5% of the estimated labor.  Welding gas is not cheap and my quality standards require a lot of it.  Shop supplies include use of equipment, bandsaw blades, sanding belts, acetone, filler rod, tungsten and many other consumables required in metal fabrication.  It can add up quickly which is why I have this fee.  For large jobs, I can provide an estimate, just bare in mind large projects have many variables which can and will effect the end price of the project.  At the end of the project, what you owe is based on the actual billable time.  Estimates can be very time consuming depending on the depth of the project so please keep that in mind after you read this and you would still like a written estimate.  It's not uncommon for a big project estimate to take 2-3 hours to build after doing research on the project at hand and communicating back and forth.  This is because I am not familiar with everything on Earth and I take the time to research so I can help you choose the correct path to meet your goals.  
          The work I do is very specialized.  The idea behind my business and structure is not to be the cheapest or fastest but simply offer the highest quality product in every aspect for those looking for high quality products. I am not looking to “just get the job done”. I am not looking for the least expensive way to get a job done. If you are used to garage built side job rates using the cheapest material available, you are probably going to be surprised at what I charge and your idea of “quality”, in that sense, is likely 100% different than my idea of quality. There is not a single “10 minute job”. It doesn't matter if its a simple bracket that needs to be made. If its that simple, make it yourself. I am a business. This is what i do to feed my family. I have no other income and I welcome anyone to get estimates from someone who can produce an equal product that meets the same quality standards as mine inside and out.  Also, please keep in mind that if you bring me a running car and you want custom replacement parts, there is labor involved in removing your parts before I can start on my own.  That is NOT free and is NOT part of your fabrication quote.  Be aware that I am removing used parts in various parts of the engine bay/car, some which may require removal of additional parts to access or potentially even running into rusted/seized/broken bolts.  I cannot predict the future nor am I responsible for eating this time.  I will communicate with you in the event this happens.  If you are familiar with working on your car, please plan ahead to replace gaskets/seals...etc as necessary.
          Getting on my schedule requires all materials to be paid in full prior to making an appointment.  Once I receive this deposit, we can discuss a drop-off date of your vehicle/project.  Upon dropping the vehicle/project off, ¼ of the labor estimate is due for projects estimated to take longer than 2 weeks to my discretion.  I will work up until that time/money expires and then bill you weekly.  For projects less than 2 weeks, ½ the labor deposit is due when the vehicle/project is dropped off and the remaining balance is due before leaving my shop.
          My goal is to exceed your expectations and create a positive experience through communication before, during and after completion.  No hidden fees or quoting you one thing and then requiring a final invoice well above the original quote with no communication in between.  No wondering what’s going on.  I will update you as I make progress with pictures.  I try to be as open and honest as possible as I have found that’s how I like to be treated.  All I want is to be paid for my time.  I’m not out to make a million dollars or rip my customers off, however, I do believe my time is valuable and the only way to do right for the customer is to charge appropriately.  I absolutely have a passion for what I do and I’d like to believe that’s why you are contacting me.  Its art and while it’s my business, I find extreme pleasure in this ability I have been blessed with.  So, thank you for contacting me and I look forward to working with you.

Blake Barr