LS swapped TT BMW

John came to me wanting something you cant buy.  There are lots parts available that fit these swaps but none that really fit his style.  Luckily John liked my style of fabrication and gave me an open template to do as I pleased.  Well, immediately I had an image in my head and I went to work making it come to life.  VS Racing offered to sponsor his build so they supplied him with turbos, wastegates and blow off valves.  The turbo manifolds are all stainless from the head flanges made by Shearer Fabrications, 321 stainless steel runners and turbine/wastegate inlets to the Shearer Fabrications turbine inlet flanges.  The turbos are supported by Maven Performance mounts.  These mounts are game changers for the fabrication industry and are standard in any custom turbo system I build.

This car will be at SEMA 2023 as a booth car.  He has really big plans between now and then and I'm excited to see how its finished off!  It was an honor to be a part of this car.  It has already received a lot of attention and making waves across the internet.  I'll be at SEMA 2023 with John, come by and say hello!