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F22b/F23a bottom mount

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Support for F22b and F23a tuners!  We are now offering a bottom mount turbo for T3 and T4 which has B.E.A.U.T.Y and Function all wrapped into one glorious offering towards a community which tends to be highly neglected for handcrafted aftermarket parts.  Manifold runners are 304 stainless steel which are backpurged with argon to insure a quality weld inside and out.  We use CNC milled 1018 steel head flanges which transition from port shape to round as well as turbine inlet flanges which transition from round to T3 or T4.  We can also offer this manifold in v-band turbine inlets!  We put everything into all of our products which you will also notice the beautifully ported interior of the merge collector, wastegate inlet area to insure there is nothing in the way of making all the power you want!