H22 Hurricane Turbo

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A new manifold to our lineup and ready for your orders is our Hurricane manifold.  This longer runner manifold can handle all the power you want to throw at it.  Available in V-Band, T3, and T4 configurations. Billet collectors are optionable.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.  If you would like a Billet collector, please email me Blake@850fab.com

Hot Parts kits with open or recirculated wastegate dump tubes are available when you send in your turbine housing.

The Ac compressor does fit without any interference with the compressor housing.  With this being said, it appears making AC work is possible but will likely require custom lines to be made.  A half radiator is certainly going to be required along with adding a fan directly to the condenser.  I am not advertising this setup as AC compatible for this reason but its possible.