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The Magnum Import Drag wheel picks up where the domestic drag race applications leave off. The Magnum Import Drag wheel is designed for front-wheel drive applications in 4x100mm and 5x100mm bolt patterns in a durable yet lightweight design. It carries the same unique features as the other Pro Drag wheels which include polished aluminum rim shells combined with 6061-T6 forged centers. The wheel flange is double rolled for added strength.

* Centers are available in gold anodized or black anodized finishes
* 4x100mm wheel allows for short shank mag style or conical lug. 5x100mm requires a short shank mag style lug.
* Drag Strip Use Only
* Made in Kansas City, USA

Back Space: 5
Bolt Circle: 4X100
Center Bore: 2.250in
Color: Black Center
Lug Nut Seat Style: Shank & Conical
Lug Nut Shank Size: .490-.550in Length / .679-.687in Diameter
Size: 13X10