J32a2 Turbo Manifolds

J32a2 Turbo Manifolds

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The J32 is beginning to be an incredibly popular platform as a swap as well as being turbocharged.  With the numerous swap options and obstacles involved with each chassis setup as well as numerous places to put the turbo, this gives the end user to get creative with turbo location and a great starting point for the y-pipe.  The y-pipe is NOT included

321 stainless CNC merge collectors are optional

All materials are stainless steel and placed in a vibratory tumbler for an amazing surface finish.  HD flex bellows and complete V-band set included. 

Mild steel head flanges are available, however, they will begin to collect surface rust quickly.  If you do not want to deal with rust, choose the stainless head flange as an upcharge.  

This product is made to order!  Shipping will be charged upon completion.