H22 Semi-Forward Race Manifold

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H22 semi-forward facing turbo manifold development. A first of its kind that I know of and has all the curves to drive anyone wild! Being original is something I enjoy. Making the same stuff as everyone else has never appealed to me. I dont settle for the same ole same ole and neither should you!

I WANT to keep supporting the H series and driving them farther and give you all a little touch of style beyond the normal stuff on the market everyone has copied over and over.

This is used in conjunction with the STOCK alternator location with AC components removed and a half-sized radiator installed. T3 and T4 applications.  Charge piping can be ran in the same fashion as a standard faced manifold.  The 1/4 turn allows for easier exhaust routing while not interfering with the front engine mount used in traction bar systems.  Perfect for hood exit and under car exhaust.