Hey everyone! We are going to be shifting away from e-commerce soon now that we have sold the 3D printing business (please contact Daniel Clifford at Fast Lane Fabrication). We want to serve every client the best we can. We are beginning to really hunker down and focus on what is important. We are concentrating heavily on manufacturing. Not only for 850Fab and our clients but contracting work from other businesses and their products. While all of our products show to be out of stock, we want you to contact us regarding having them made. The H22 Mini-Mani will always be something we make along with a few others and we are certainly in development of other products we are projecting to manufacture such as the Prelude traction bars, F22a SOHC intake manifods, K series Mini-Mani and F22a Mini-Mani. We understand the value and convenience of being able to click and buy but the direction we are going, we want to be able to set our own schedules and do group buys. Getting orders in the middle of a long project can often times be irritating to you when you didnt expect to wait a long time. We like being transparent here at 850Fab so please shoot us an email at Blake@850fab.com or call/text (text preferred) 850-512-4336.
H22 Race Header

H22 Race Header

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This header is designed to make power as well as look great.  All headers are custom tailored to each individual engine and are supported by many years of experience specific to the H22 along with engine simulation and header tuning software.  There is no guessing here.  
Much love and passion goes into everything we do and nothing falls short with this product.  All headers are made to order.  All stainless steel construction with one O2 bung included.  We will need to discuss your build prior ordering.  Please contact us for more information and be prepared with the following:

Bore x Stroke
Cams specs
intended use of vehicle
Any non-traditional products such as deck plates.


Shipping will be billed at the time of shipment.