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2015+ Subaru WRX IWG

2015+ Subaru WRX IWG

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850Fab equal length IWG FA20dit turbo manifold.  All stainless steel construction.  Tig welded and backpurged weld seams for superior strength and quality.  We have designed ours a touch differently than the others on the market starting with the collector.  We designed our collector to allow for a straighter, less restrictive entry into the turbo.  This increases scavenging capability and exhaust flow which increases power and efficiency!  The stock manifold has a terrible collector design with opposing front runners at a very sharp, short radius bend.  This is terrible for making power.  The opposing runners will create turbulence as well as potential exhaust reversion which contaminates the next intake charging during exhaust and intake valve overlap.  Contaminating the intake charge during overlap can increase EGT's and increase the chances for detonation to occur and engine damage to follow.

This manifold has been proven to gain 16WHP just by simply bolting it on!  Equal length runners and a collector design far superior to stock is a no brainer on power gains.  

Designed to have greater oil pan clearance than stock as well as the ability to reinstall the skid plate with minimal to no modification required.

All 850Fab products are built with passion and a love for all things fabrication.  From beautiful tig welds which are properly backpurged to ported and blended collectors to perfection.  We don't settle for second best.

All manifolds are built to order using locally sourced materials and our own flanges!  Shipping is billed after completion!