F22a Mini-Mani

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850fab is one of the only companies that offers handcrafted F series manifolds.
This manifold will allow you to keep all your accessories while supporting a lot of power!  Its made with 321 stainless steel which we have found has been a welcomed upgrade to the H22 Mini-Mani.  321 is a high grade of stainless steel with a touch of titanium in its make-up which allow the material to be used at exhaust gas temperatures turbo systems get to without degrading the material over time.

Our newest revisions to our F22 Mini-Mani will be a custom CNC machined collector which has the turbo flange and wastegate inlet all machined as one piece.  This will be standard on ALL manifolds.  With this new standard, we will also be offering a non-transferable LIFETIME warranty.  The F22 Mini-Mani is offered in T3 and Garrett V-band.