Please forward ALL calls and texts to (850) 512-4336 or email me directly at Please be patient as there are extended wait times (beyond standard and listed waits) during tax season with many welding/fabrication orders in progress. Machined and 3D printed orders have typical turnaround of 1 week.
Exhaust Trim Rings

Exhaust Trim Rings

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We are all fans of a clean exhaust exit so lets do something about making that trim ring not so bland,  I am offering 3D machined trim rings at a fair price with quick turn around time. The machined areas give an amazing contrast to the standard mill finish with cool details which may make people trip over their tongue as they walk by.  I use vinyl coated aluminum so the uncut surface remains clean.  I have also had interest in brass and copper rings which are certainly possible.  Check out the example in the picture and contact me with any questions.


In the menus above, please select the size range you want.  If you only want a single outlet, be sure to select "NA" on either Exhaust or Dump Tube outlet and continue with the design style you want.  It is very important that you add in the CART NOTES the sizes you want which coincide with the range selection you chose.

Fully customized and personalized trim rings are available for custom order.  This involves additional design details, engravings, logos....etc.  Please email me PRIOR to ordering if you want something custom.