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Collector Weld Wraps

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850Fab is proud to introduce our latest tool to release.  We call them Collector Weld Wraps.  These serve the same purpose as the other collector wraps (giving you the template for marking and cutting to fabricate a collector), however, they are designed to have the runners welded directly to the collector.  You get the beauty and art of fabricating a collector vs the formed style collectors which certainly matches the fabricated properties of the manifold you are building.  They are designed with turbo applications in mind and come standard with 20 deg or 25 degree.  The bigger the angle, the shorter the overall collector is.  For instance, the 1.63" 3-1 25 DEG collector is less than 3" long!  For 3-1 and 4-1 applications, the collector cutting template will also come with the inner "star" template you can trace and cutout.  This piece is welded to seal the inside of the collector.  

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