92-01 Prelude Traction Bar

92-01 Prelude Traction Bar

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92-01 Prelude traction bars are back under development with a new focus.  With the addition of CNC plasma cutting in-house, we no longer have to rely on outside resources to manufacture this product.  This drastically cuts manufacturing costs along with mig welding instead of tig welding.  The new design uses rod end heim joints on each end of the radius arms making it easier to adjust caster and set your static suspension pre-load. 

all hardware is included.  If using a front mount.  Reuse original front mount flange hardware. 

Powder Coating is NOT included.  These are being sold raw..  If you do not have a powder coater local to you, let me know and we can work something out.

 This product is made to order.  Shipping will be processed after completion.