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As fabricators, time can be our friend and our enemy but losing time based on a tooling failure is simply not acceptable.  Our mission is simple.  Provide high quality tooling which decreases labor time and performs its job as it should.  There is no hammering involved and no concerns of having to reset your purge or waste argon from them falling off.  The Purge Lock purge caps are secure.  They fasten onto the work piece using the provided thumbscrews.  This gives the fabricator/welder the confidence in knowing he/she can concentrate on welding and not whether the purge will fail mid-weld.  This is not only frustrating, but time consuming!  Time is money!  
All that is required is a prepped tube/pipe end prior to installing and let the caps do what they were designed to do.  Not only do they look really good, they also work really well.  Made out of 6061 aluminum, they act as a heat sink to help regulate the temperature of the work piece.
Our product is designed and tested in-house at 850Fab and CNC machined in the USA by Street Carr Fabrication, an innovator in flange solutions.  Support welder owned.  Put confidence and efficiency back into a small part of your business and money/time back in your pocket.

Sets come with 2 caps, (6) 10-32 spade head thumb screws and 1 argon diffuser/restrictor.  SCH caps are designed for both SCH10 and 40!

Make Purging Great Again!