Purge Lock Reviews

Justin Bloomer - No Corners Cut Fabrication - Prototype Tester

"Got to test out the new purge caps from @850fabrication today and they worked great. Didn't have to worry about burning up the aluminum foil or silicone because i welded too close to it. Didn't have to worry about taking time to reseal or purge two or three times because a seal was broken. I would recommend these to any fabricator. — at No Corners Cut Fabrication."


Joe Simpson - Tempest RacingPrototype Tester

"Doing some more welding on the Evo 3" titanium exhaust tonight seemed like the right time to take some photos with some new tools (yes I ran some samples first)
850Fabrication asked me to do some testing on their new 3" purge caps and they work! I wasn't sure If they would work on pie cut pieces as they are not cut straight obviously but they do in fact work on pie cuts!
There has been some drama in the fabrication world lately with tools and different things - anybody that knows me I stay as far away from that stuff as I can so please don't make any comments regarding that stuff here as I will delete it. I use purging tools from 5 different company's plus thousands of dollars in my own custom tooling. I was honored to be selected to do the testing as the few other guys that were selected are some of the guys I look up to when it comes to this stuff.
Anyways check out 850Fabrication for their purging tools."