Tube Cutting Wraps

 850Fab is pleased to introduce our new lineup of 3D printed tube cutting wraps.  These are CAD designed and then 3D printed in-house.  We developed these wraps out of necessity for wanting to build everything in-house and tedious projects such as 3-1 and 4-1 collector or even 2-1 collectors which can be very time consuming without proper tooling.  These wraps take all the high end equipment out of the equation and allow you to use a simple angle grinder (if that is all you have) to make a merge collector.  We have more than just collectors in mind so stay in the know and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Being that this is a new product and really a first of its kind, we will continually develop and evolve to make them better.  The great thing about 3D printing is it is incredibly affordable even if one of your wraps becomes damaged.  If you take care of them, they can be used over and over.  They easily pay for themselves when you end up building your own part (more profit) vs buying the component from a vendor.  We all know, a lot of times, purchased products simply do not match our own fabrication and welding standards which can be a huge eye sore.

After using these templates a number of times now, I know they work and have discovered a few ways to make the cutting process easier:

  • They are plastic and THIN.  Handle them with care
  • If using a vertical bandsaw, I have found tracing the cut with an angle grinder to remove some material (don't cut through) allows the bandsaw to cut much faster and give you the quality cut you are after
  • belt sanders are really key pieces of equipment especially when using solely an angle grinder.  
  • there is a flat designed into the wrap which is to lay flat on the table with the bend.  It raises the tube slightly off the table so when aligning everything, make sure the gap is equal across the bend.

In the end, this is a tool which needs to be used properly in order to yield proper results.  I will be adding a video to my youtube channel (850Fab) which shows how to use them and what I have found to make the whole process quicker.

All pricing is based upon tubing size which dictates how much filament is used to print the product.  Thus, bigger tubing = more filament = more cost.  

Custom wraps will be available for an additional Design fee.  That fee will be determined in the near future.   

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