Please forward ALL calls and texts to (850) 512-4336 or email me directly at We have directed a huge portion of our business towards manufacturing for other businesses. We still make our products as well as custom one off projects but depending on work load, the wait times can be extended. So at this time, we are not giving out specific lead times. If we happen to give you a lead time, please understand it can change, however, we will keep you informed as usual.
H22 Race Header

H22 Race Header

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This header is designed to make power as well as look great.  All headers are custom tailored to each individual engine and are supported by many years of experience specific to the H22 along with engine simulation and header tuning software.  There is no guessing here.  
Much love and passion goes into everything we do and nothing falls short with this product.  All headers are made to order.  All stainless steel construction with one O2 bung included.  We will need to discuss your build prior ordering.  Please contact us for more information and be prepared with the following:

Bore x Stroke
Cams specs
intended use of vehicle
Any non-traditional products such as deck plates.


Shipping will be billed at the time of shipment.