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3TC TE27 Corolla Header

3TC TE27 Corolla Header

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We tagged team with an elite of the Corolla community to bring you guys a header which doesnt require hammering or modifying a RHD header to fit your LHD corolla.  This header will fit other corolla chassis as well, but we can guarantee 100% the TE27 chassis.  This header will likely go through a few revisions in order to obtain longer runner lengths without making it like the common high rise.  We believe in shape, form, flow and function and that's exactly what you get.  Product development is very important and our quality standards are unmatched!!  All 304 stainless steel, tig welded construction.  No rust here!

1-5/8" runners with 2-1/4" collector outlet.  Soon we will have a matching full exhaust once we have completed building it which can be sold as a complete kit or individually.

This product is built to order.  Shipping is billed after completion!!