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Tube Contour Gauges

Tube Contour Gauges

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Depending on my workload in the shop as well as the number of running orders, it can, at times, take up to 2 weeks for an order to be processed.  Shipping day for 3D printed items is Fridays.  This means every Friday, I will ship the orders I have processed.  When yours is completed, you will receive and email with your tracking number.  This does NOT mean it has been shipped yet.  I do not have the time to take shipments everyday so I have dedicated Fridays to be my shipping date for all completed orders.  For the lower 48 states, when I send them out, you should receive them by the following Tuesday or Wednesday via USPS. 

As of, 4/4/2019 I have same week turn around.  If you order Thursday (depending on the size of your order), it will ship next day.  If you order Monday, it will ship Friday.

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We know fabricators love tools in their arsenal and as fabricators we know the great cost these tools bring to our wallets.  Since our beginning, 850Fab has been dedicated to critical thinking and innovation to bring welder and fabricators solutions without the additional cost of a bulk manufactured product.    

Tube Contour Gauges are 3D printed with carbon fiber nylon; an incredible and robust material.  This material has great chemical resistance for the average chemicals most fabricators deal with and have an excellent ability to handle environments fabricators work within.  Included with the Tube Contour Gauges is stainless die rods and a rubber band for die rod tension.  Thanks to Blue Demon Weld, we can provide you with a complete product which requires simple insertion of die rods to get started!  Each product is tested for quality assurance prior to shipment.  All products are made to order in a quick and timely manner.  Please follow our YouTube channel and check out or product demonstration if you have any questions regarding their usage.

From chassis notching to wastegate inlets to you name it.  We have a size for all of them.