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Tube Angle Layout Clips

Tube Angle Layout Clips

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A lot of people have been asking me about the angle layout templates and i simply could not come up with a cost effective and simple solution......until now. These simple add-ons to existing 1.375” wide angle finders give you the concentric template to mark your cut. 

Please follow this link to learn how to use angle finders to determine your cut angle

 I use angle finders during fabrication mock-up to not only determine angles but also leg lengths of a bend. These can be used in the mock-up process as well to determine what the angle and length needs to be between two pieces. Radius plays a role there but these simple accessories fit on any radius and that is really what I wanted. A one size for all radius lengths vs a SKU for each OD and CLR. 
Each size comes as a set of 2 clips.  1 for each leg of the angle finder.

The angle finder used can be found on amazon:

However, any angle finder with 1.375" width can be used.