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Exhaust Mock-up Clamp

Exhaust Mock-up Clamp

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We all know that fabricating and welding parts such as exhaust systems is fun until it comes time to mount it.  Mounting the exhaust the most painstaking part of exhaust fabrication and these clamps are designed to simply this process by allowing you to build the hangers and hold them in place during mock-up and tacking.  Once you have the hanger in place and tacked, remove the clamp and weld the hanger.  You can then add your addition supports as needed.

The production model of these clamps will be printed with carbon fiber nylon.  This material is beyond strong and can take punishment.  It also has some flex to it which make the interference fit with the quick latch really great.  The latch assembly is stainless steel and secured with rivets. The hanger is held in place with a stainless 10-32 thumbscrew.  These clamps are designed for 3/8" and NOW 1/2"  hanger rods.

Another use for these clamps is for production fixture to locate your tube exactly everytime while not having to hold it in place by hand.  This makes tacking up your product super fast.  After all, that is the name of the game right?  The carbon fiber nylon is strong enough to be drilled and tapped to easily be installed on existing jigs or new jigs.