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Merge Collector Wraps

Merge Collector Wraps

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850Fab is pleased to introduce our new lineup of 3D printed tube cutting wraps.  These are CAD designed and then 3D printed in-house.  We developed these wraps out of necessity for wanting to build everything in-house and tedious projects such as 3-1 and 4-1 collector or even 2-1 collectors which can be very time consuming without proper tooling.  These wraps take all the high end equipment out of the equation and allow you to use a simple angle grinder (if that is all you have) to make a merge collector.  We have more than just collectors in mind so stay in the know and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Being that this is a new product and really a first of its kind, we will continually develop and evolve to make them better.  The great thing about 3D printing is it is incredibly affordable even if one of your wraps becomes damaged.  If you take care of them, they can be used over and over.  They easily pay for themselves when you end up building your own part (more profit) vs buying the component from a vendor.  We all know, a lot of times, purchased products simply do not match our own fabrication and welding standards which can be a huge eye sore.

After using these templates a number of times now, I know they work and have discovered a few ways to make the cutting process easier:

  • They are thin.  Handle them with care.  They are printed using a hybrid nylon filament which is stronger than PLA but misuse can cause them to break or crack.  Only expand them enough to slip them over the tube 
  • If using a vertical bandsaw, I have found tracing the cut with an angle grinder to remove some material (don't cut through) allows the bandsaw to cut much faster and give you the quality cut you are after.  The collectors can be cut using an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel.  just becareful and make sure the tube is secure in a vise.  
  • belt sanders are really key pieces of equipment especially when using solely an angle grinder.  
  • there is a flat designed into the wrap which is to lay flat on the table with the bend.  It raises the tube slightly off the table so when aligning everything, make sure the gap is equal across the bend.
  • the wraps are designed with a perforation on the backside.  This perforation is designed to be cut once you receive them.  I print them this way for shipping purposes.

Please follow this link for a demonstration on how to use these wraps:

In the pictures, you will see 2 merge halves for a 2-1 collector.  One side cut only with an angle grinder and faced with a belt sander. Other side i used the angle grinder to trace a thinner path and cut with a bandsaw and then faced with the belt sander.  Using the grinder with a cutting wheel coupled with the finishing cut on the bandsaw yielded much quicker and cleaner result.

All merge collector wraps (ASIDE FROM 2-1 Y) will use a CLR (center line radius) which is 1.5x the outside diameter.  If you want a different CLR, it is important to contact me BEFORE you order to ensure you get the bend radius you want. 
CLR of the standard wraps are as follows:

  • 1.5" on 2" CLR
  • 1.63 on 2.5" CLR
  • 1.75" on 2.5" CLR
  • 1.88" on 3" CLR
  • 2" on 3" CLR
  • 2.125" on 3" CLR
  • 2.25" on 3.5" CLR
  • 2.5" on 4" CLR
  • 3" on 4.5" CLR

All merge collector wraps up to 2.25" have the options for 13, 15, and 20 degree merge angles.  The larger the angle the more compact the collector is as well as easier to weld the inside.  The smaller the angle, the more reach which is required (sometimes requiring a different torch setup like a Pen Torch) so keep that in mind.  13deg collectors are long but allow for the greatest power addition for naturally aspirated applications.  On turbocharged applications, there is little to know power discrepancy from 13deg to 20 deg merge angles.  2.5"+ are set to 20 degrees unless otherwise noted!  Standard SCH PIPE wraps are set to 15 degrees.  Again, if you want a different angle, please contact me BEFORE ordering. 

Our newly added 2-1 "Y" collector templates come standard as the following:

  • 2.5" on 4" CLR
  • 3" on 4.5" CLR
  • 3.5" on 4.5" CLR
  • 4" on 5.5" CLR

These are designed with 1/2" of straight on the bottom and offset from center so you can change the outlet size to your preference.  Also, while they are designed for specific bend radius, I believe they will work fine with other bend radius.  There is no angle associated with these so please choose NA and make sure you choose 2-1 "Y", not 2-1.  They are not the same and I will not refund you after the product has been printed for choosing the wrong product.


Custom wraps ARE available.  This is not your standard stuff like 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 collectors, bend radius cuts...etc.  If you require something that is uncommon, there will be a $50 one time design fee (up to one hour of CAD, to our discretion) applied towards your wrap. 

I'd like to thank everyone for the support and thank you for choosing 850Fab