2018 Focus on Manufacturing

As we begin our end of the year push, 2018 includes a fresh direction, mindset and focus along with it.  While we will continue to offer custom fabrication, we want to begin to focus towards manufacturing.  Manufacturing what you say?  We are glad you asked that!

In our year full of doing custom one-off's, we noticed a shortage in the market for exhaust components that matched the quality of product we fabricate from fitment to weld aesthetics.  We would end up putting our welds over the manufacturers, porting the inside for smooth flow and other things which ended up taking more time than it should have.  For many of us, the product quality is the backbone behind why we do what we do and the components we buy to use on our products should not be anything different.

We have a lot of goals for 2018 but manufacturing exhaust components is something we want to do on top of the custom fabrication.  We also have plans to do much more such as being a metal supply shop but that is much further down the line.  Cant just buy a mandrel bender on a whim and be cool HA.

So stay tuned for merge collectors, X-pipes, exhaust tips and other related components which can set off your build!